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To be an authentic disciple


Lord, sometimes your truth is too hard to hear.
There is no room for a sugarcoating discipleship.

When we surrender our will to you, the cross becomes our companion.
It’s tough to risk reputation, to walk away from a friendship, to start over,
or be misrepresented because we value faithfulness to you above all else.
Why are we always surprised when we suffer from the truth?
You tell us this reality is inevitable.

 Is the cost worth it? Will I be happy doing all this?
Do I need it to be saved?
Do I really want to make this long distance run for you? 

If we never ask these questions,
we simply drift as a hostage shackled to the ups and downs of life.

With Francis we say
Lord, help us to remember 
that you did not redeem us with words or actions.  

You did it with your flesh. 
You become one of us, to heal us from within. 
Let our daily focus be on accepting the grace and healing that comes from you.

Lord, we place all of our hopes in you.
We trust that our cross will create a space for you to dwell.
And there we will experience a peace and a fulfillment
that brings meaning to what otherwise could be senseless suffering.